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Protect your business and your client’s networks and assets with a single, comprehensive solution for managing vulnerabilities.

Let Crosshair Cyber help you mitigate security risks in the environments you manage for a fraction of the cost! The Crosshair Cyber expert team uses modern and innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures to find the obvious and not-so-obvious threats in the assets running both internally and externally on the networks you protect. We provide a continuous view of vulnerabilities found in your systems, detailed reports with remediation recommendations, and customizable alerts for high-priority findings that require immediate action.


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We will help you establish the battle rhythm your organization needs to combat today’s threat actors and criminal gangs.

Constant preparation and vigilance are needed to win this war, and working with Crosshair Cyber, we will strengthen your defenses and ensure your response is more than equal to the challenge of defending your systems.

Service Overview

We manage the entire vulnerability management process so you can focus on what you do best!

This provides a separation of duties to ensure the correct priority is given to all findings and proper attention is provided by security experts. We can work side-by-side with your technicians and teams to provide comprehensive coverage for assets of all types, with advanced discovery and management of network, endpoint, server, and IoT devices.



  • Detailed assessment of external (internet-facing) domains and IPs
  • Recurring scans for changes to provide Attack Surface Management
  • Continuous scanning of all internal network connected assets for the latest vulnerabilities
  • Automated discovery of network assets
  • Centralized alerting for critical and high severity issues
  • Clear and concise vulnerability and remediation reports
  • Remediation and Patch Management guidance and optional implementation
  • Latest Threat Intelligence from public and non-public sources
  • Availability to participate in Incident Response processes
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Crosshair Cyber is a valued vendor of the Cyber Defense Ecosystem (CDE)